As the first oncology practice in the country to adopt EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Dr. Sharma is an advocate of making the retrieval of patient records as effortless and efficient as possible. To this end, he and colleagues at Duke University have embarked on a research collaboration that will bring revolutionize EMR by embedding a brain into the system making the program more intuitive and functional for healthcare users.

Texas Cancer Associates Oncology Practice
Since 1993, Dr. Sharma has been a member of the clinical faculty of Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas where he also maintains a private practice (Texas Cancer Associates) and has previously served on the medical board. Cancer is a frightening diagnosis. Comfort can be found through a full understanding and evaluation of treatment options. For many cancers, no one particular treatment is clearly the best for all patients. Dr. Sharma, and his qualified team of physicians, believes in offering hope to their patients by providing individualized, compassionate care while staying current on medical research and technology.

For over 20 years, oncologist, Dr. Sharma has been at the forefront of cancer research, working to accelerate the delivery of new drugs from the “bench to the bedside.” His publications include medical oncology-related articles in peer-reviewed journals as well as technology-related articles in healthcare/technology journals. Dr. Sharma has co-authored an industry report for the Financial Times of London on E-Business for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Dr. Sharma is also active in leading innovation efforts involving Information Technology in oncology and healthcare in general. Dr. Sharma has received numerous honors for his industry leadership, teaching efforts and dedication to patient care.


An innovator in the field of healthcare technology, Dr. Sharma founded HealthIT, Inc., in 1997. An Internet services company, HealthIT serves the healthcare industry by supporting the patient/provider relationship. As a practicing physician, Dr. Sharma knows the business challenges that doctors face in running a private practice and in promoting their services to potential patients. By assisting his fellow physicians in learning and using technology, he believes they’ll reap tremendous rewards both by improving healthcare in general, and by seeing their practices grow. HealthIT has grown to serve healthcare clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Region, the Southwest and around the world.
HealthIT offers clients:

  • Web Site Hosting & Design and Development, Marketing Services
  • IT Services including Network Design & Implementation, Database Services, Disaster Recovery, Security, EMR, Server and Email configuration
  • Dallas Health Guide: a regional portal resource for those seeking employment in the healthcare industry and organizations looking to recruit talent.

NexGen Oncology

NexGen Oncolology brings next generation cancer care to the oncology and other practices by providing solutions for the diagnosis, management, and treatment of cancer. From planning radiation treatment, medical imaging, technology, pharmacy services, and practice management tools, NexGen is the definitive resource for oncology practices that want to take the next step in organizing an efficient and profitable practice.