Consultative Services



Provides consultative services to health care organizations.
Dr. Sharma is an excellent resource for physicians who desire a consultation. He is a member of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and is annually recognized as one of the “Best Doctors in Dallas” award winners in D magazine. He has written a report on e-business for the Financial Times and serves as an expert panelist at the World Pharmaceutical Conference in London on healthcare Internet applications.

Dr Sharma served on expert panels for the Healthcare in the New Millennium Forum in Washington, D.C hosted by the Wall Street Journal.

Provides consultative legal services.
He provides attorneys with outstanding medical expert witness services, including careful and objective medical record review, consultation, deposition, and trial testimony services. He is a medical oncology expert who is well-versed in medical-legal matters and has the credibility that comes with recent clinical experience.

Dr. Sharma is prepared to provide on-going litigation support for the duration of the case. If needed, the he will prepare and sign a written report and will be available to provide expert witness testimony.